Sunday, January 28, 2007

10k anyone...

Running: 15.2 miles
Avg. Pace: 13:09/mile
Year Totals: 56.2 miles
What a difference 4 weeks can make! There have been many distractions and obstacle, but I've stayed true to my fitness goals. I had Jury Duty which ended up being a 2 week trial...but I managed to never miss a workout! Praise God!
This week I learned the importance of listening to my body. Wednesday I was scheduled to run, but felt extremely tired and run down. I did not run that day. I instead pushed the run out to Thurs morning, and fit my scheduled weight lifting in the evening. do you know after that day off of complete rest, my Thursday run was my fasted pace so far this year! 3 miles in 36:57 (12:19/mile)
Also, on my long run today, I planned on just running 5 miles, but at the 5mi mark, I felt great! I decided to run a 10k...and did it! Although it was slow, I RAN A 10k TODAY!!! I also weighed in today at goal weight for the end of Jan 1/31/07...ahead by 3 days!
I celebrated my 1st month of not missing a run/workout by treating myself to a new pair of New Balance running shoes. Onto Feb...goal is to be 220 by 2/28/07.
Until next time...

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