Monday, January 8, 2007

"Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?"

Well...week one is in the bag! Learned alot this week. I accomplished my running goals for this week! I planned on running 12 miles, and that's what I did. 3 Miles on Mon, Weds, Fri, & Sun for a total of 12 miles for the week!

I'm down a few pounds, but I've found that I really need to get a hold on the food portion. I can do fine all day, but at night I hear the pantry calling my name...I just want to make sure everything is alright. Then I see it! "'s you Mr. Skippy Peanut Butter. Is everything ok? that you Mr. Rice Crispy treat?...Little Debbie, are you ok? A tablespoon of this, a handful of's gotta stop!

Until I get over the handle of late night snacking, I'm going to have to have my wife hide the kids school snacks. Eventually, I'd love to get rid of them altogether...but that's a process as well...

All in all, my glass is half full! I have run 12 miles this week! I see the tweaks and adjustments I need to make, and I'm on the right track! I could get down on the fact that I could be alot farther than I am right now if I kept running last year...but we can't live in the past! Today, my glass is half-full!
A friend of mine came over yesterday (and we watched the Eagles beat the Giants WOO-HOO!!!). He told me he's putting together a 12 week contest with points awarded for most body fat lost, most lean muscle mass added, etc. for 12 guys. More details to follow, but sounds like just the motivation I need!
Adjustments for the week will be to avoid the voices coming from the kitchen late at night, and increase the long run this weekend by 10%.
Until next time...

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W Sofield said...

Good work! Sounds like you've got great perspective on your first week. Keep it up!