Sunday, February 25, 2007

"Can't keep a good man down!"

Weekly Running Totals: 20.7 miles
Avg. Pace: 12:54/mile
Weight: 229.5lbs

WOW! It's good to be back!
After being sick and nursing a foot injury for the better half of the last two weeks, I only managed combined of 5miles for the 1st half of Feb...I decided I wanted my fitness, diet, etc to be a lifestyle, not an end to a means. So, rather than pushing too hard, I decided to take the "listen to your body" approach. It worked! This week was the 2nd 2o mile week so far, but it did not turn out that way...
On Mon 2/19, I was apprehensive, but hopeful my foot was healed, and respiratory system could get back on track with my training program. I decided to run Mon, off Tues, Run Weds & Thurs
take Fri off. On Sat I ran 4 miles...felt good. Today, Sunday was the long run...

I really did not want to do it at all! I procrastinated, but got dressed for it anyway. I told myself..."OK, I'll just do a quick 3 miles" I headed out. After about a minute and a half into it, I started having a coughing fit. Felt like I was gonna puke...strange! I kept going. At about 5 minutes, the nausea subsided, and I was into the run. I still only had a goal of 3 miles, but the longer I ran, the better I felt. At my normal 3 mile loop, I kept going. I ran through the woods, on a trail along a pond. It was a nice change of pace...."OK, maybe I can do 4 miles?!" I kept going. At the four mile loop turnaround...I kept going. Here I was, plugging along. Really not straining at all, thinking, "Hmmm, maybe I can do 6 today" As I approached 6, I felt today was special...I kept going...ANOTHER 2 MILES!!!

Today's long run, which almost didn't happen, coming off 2 weeks of a combined total of 5 miles, became 8 longest run to date! I learned a great lesson today and the last 2 weeks...listen to your body!

So, I'm back on track at 20 miles a week. My 10 miler on April 5th, The Philly Broad Street Run doesn't seem impossible! So, it's been a good week.

Until next time~

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