Sunday, February 4, 2007

Just a Gerbil on a wheel...

Week Totals:
Running: 20.0 miles
Avg. Pace: 13:04/mile

Whew...! I knew I was going to have a busy weekend, so I had to make some choices. I wanted to make sure I got my long run in, but didn't know when or how. I decided the best thing to do would be to run Friday night as soon as I got home from work. By the time I got home, freezing rain was falling...not good. So I thought for a minute and it hit me..."Hey, I can use the treadmill...!"

Well...about 10 minutes into it, I came to another conclusion..."This is NOT FUN!!!" In fact, this is borderline punishment!!! My treadmill is in my basement. No window nearby, no mirror, just me, and my iPod, trodding along. I ran still...

Not remembering when the thought 1st came to me that my treadmill is a a permanent 1.5 was only the 2ND time in 2 weeks I was going to run 6mi...was I NUTS?! "Oh no...what if I hurt myself, and I pushing too hard?" The thoughts kept harassing me. At 3 miles I thought..."Hey, maybe I can do this?"

At 4 miles, I had to put a towel over the was clearly mocking me! I ran still...
I eventually finished. I had done what was once only potential...I ran 6 miles on my treadmill, in my basement, after a long day at the office. Did I feel woozy when I got off (like I'd been running in place for the better part of an hour and a half)...YEAH!
Did I wish I'd waited an tried to fit it in later in the weekend, possibly not being able to run it...YEAH!

After a shower, dinner, and some water, was I filled with a sense of accomplishment that I got my long run in early this week, and I am getting closer by the week to releasing the runner locked deep inside of me...You Betcha!!!

This week, I not only had the accomplishment above, but I've recreated my life into a much healthier version of before. See, I needed to run those 6 miles to prove something. Not to any of you, not to my wife or kids...but I needed to do it for me. My goal to release the potential locked deep inside me by my Creator, to die daily to the thoughts of quitting, to run towards the mark...! We all have potential. But once that potential is realized, it's no longer becomes a past accomplishment. Now, I'm no longer dwelling on the torturous 6 miles I ran in my basement on a cold Friday night...I'm going for those miles locked deep inside, yet to be run...
Everyday, getting closer and closer to the goals I've set...until that potential becomes realized as well...

On a side note...I not only got my 16 miles in for the week, and my weight training sessions. This afternoon I saw my 16 miles logged for the week. The weather wasn't quite as cold as they predicted, so I laced up the shoes, bundled up, and kissed my wife as I headed out to conquer another 4 miles to make it an even 20 miles for the week.
Well...mission accomplished! Take that Mr. Couch!!!

To "the journey..."

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