Sunday, June 24, 2007


This week I logged 5 days of running totaling 16 miles. Four 3 milers, and one 4 miler! Only supposed to do 3, but felt competitive and squeaked out four! I am very satisfied with my progress this week! I ate clean, and was a bit lax this weekend, but still good overall! Next week we're going on vacation, so the diet/running will be a challenge. Gotta stick to it this week and continue so I don't fall off the wagon.
Start of the week, scale weight was 237. Yesterday morning...228.5! Oh yeah!! Today, a friend asked if I lost weight since he saw me last...I like this running/diet thing! Here's to a great week two!
Until next time!

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Tom said...

Dave,Really enjoying reading your blog. Always great reading what other runners are learning and trying. I'm a long-time runner who is always challenged with managing my weight. Good luck with your training for Philly. Keep up the good running and posting.