Monday, August 13, 2007

"Hittin' my stride..."

Weekly Mileage: 20
Current Weight 228.5lbs
Short Term Goal weight: 190lbs

Well, concluded my second 20 mile week! Feel great! Had a bit of pain in my left knee during some runs...but it went away as the run progressed. I just attribute it to "growing pains" of a previous couch potato. I am really beginning to enjoy and look forward to running again.
My longest run to date is 6mi yesterday. Was not wiped out afterwards, which was the case prior. Using a good program, adapting it as necessary. Listening to my body. Some days I run a bit farther...I'd like to build to a 7 miler next Sunday. Longest run ever was 8 miles way back when...running 9-10 miles will truly be a landmark!
Thank God I'm healthy! Eating pretty clean, although I allow myself a few "treats" on the weekend...other than that, I pretty much am stating the course.
Until next time...

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