Monday, September 10, 2007

Milestone Week!

Weekly Mileage: 25
Current Weight 238.5lbs (will be tracking according to weight watchers weigh in's on Thurs eve)
Short Term Goal weight: 212lbs (10% goal of current weight)

I was an aweswome week! I had it off from work so I spent it learning all about Weight Watchers. My daughter started Kindergarten (can't believe it!) and I was able to walk her and pick her up from school all week! We also shared a "Daddy and Daughter Day" when I picked her up from the first day.

My new short tern weight loss goal is 10@ of my current weight according to the WW scale. I weighed in at 235.8lbs, so my 10% goal is 23lbs, which would put me at 212lbs. My ultimate goal is 175lbs, and I'm on my way. no longer in a hurry, just following the program!

I ran an all time high of 25 miles this week, with an 8 miler (without stopping) on Sunday! Hard to believe since I couldn't run for 1 mile when I started back in June. Everything is progressing well, and I'm very excited that I joined WW so I now have a solid wight loss plan/strategy to go along with my running.

Until next time!

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