Thursday, September 6, 2007

Welp...I did it!

I've been running for approx 3 mo now pretty steady. I hardly missed a workout other than a break I took recently to alleviate some overuse pains in my right foot/knee due to building mileage.

Although I am pleased with my mileage, I am not please with my weight loss thus far. Losing the same pounds over and over every week has caused my to do some research.

I have found that I do not really know what I need to be eating to lose or maintain, and I don't have the strategy in place to overcome the onslaught attacks of overeating or late night binging. I've decided that desperate times call for desperate measures, and tonight I will be attending my first Weight Watchers meeting.

I must admit I am a bit nervous and apprehensive, but I know a number of people who have had lasting success with it. I think the key for me will be the structure an accountability. So, I need to get ready to go...will advise on the outcome later!

The meeting went well! I wasn't the only man there either. It was very inspiring. Many shared of their success in weight loss. I weighed in at 235.8 lbs (approx 9 lbs more than my home scale...grrrrrrrr!)
Signed-up for WW e-Tools to track every meal. Will keep you posted


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