Sunday, April 27, 2008

On to Broad Street..!

It's been a while...
I have not been able to run any real  decent mileage sine I started my new job in January.  I had a few injuries, but mostly it just been due to schedule. Although I have been very busy, and enjoy my new job, I have, in the process forsaken one of my major goals for 2008...running the Philly Trifecta.  After much debate, I realize that I need to stop the excuses.

The 1st run of the Trifecta is next Sunday May 4th...the Philadelphia Broad Street Run.  I decided no more excuses.  I don't want to face the feeling of disappointment of not running the Broad Street yet another year...

My longest run in a while has been about 3 miles.  I decided to see just where I was as far as mileage I could handle.  I want to do Broad St, but don't know what mileage I could handle.  My goal today was to see just how far I could run.  

I headed out on my 10 miler loop, hoping to at least get close to 2.5 miles before heading back home, giving me 5 miles for the day...then I would decide if I could manage the run next Sunday.  So, I  managed to push 4 miles before heading back, and the ran another 2.5 miles for a total of 6.5 miles for the day, and feel pretty confident with God's help, and the adrenaline rush that comes with race day, I will be able to complete Broad Street next Sunday.  It may not be a PR, but I will run it.

So...a few hours ago, I registered on-line

I'm back on track, and looking forward to getting my t-shirt~

Stay posted on the details!
Until next time!


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